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Git for Lawyers

By Scott Weisman

About this Course

Most lawyers are still stuck using Microsoft Word to create and edit documents. Tracking changes and managing different versions of Word documents is always a pain.

Software developers have solved these problems by using a version control system called Git. Git is similar to “track changes” in Microsoft Word, but much more powerful.

This course will teach you how to get started using Git. You'll learn:

  1. What is version control (Git)
  2. Why lawyers should use Git
  3. How to use Git

This course doesn’t assume any prior knowledge and will take you from zero to pushing Git commits to GitHub.


About Scott Weisman

Scott Weisman is a lawyer turned software developer. After practicing law for 7 years, Scott started a software development firm called LaunchPad Lab where he works with businesses to build web and mobile applications.

CLE Credit Available
Total Ethics
Illinois 1 0